Wilderman & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to providing clients with modern and efficient services. We realize that consulting is a service oriented business, therefore our mission is to provide a quality product on a timely basis at a competitive cost. 


Our services and efforts have enabled our clients to supplement their in-house engineering capabilities. We work closely with in-house engineers and maintenance personnel to provide engineering solutions which add or expand existing processes, make improvements, or correct existing problems. 

Mechanical / Process Engineering

Equipment Layout

Existing Equipment Modifications

Material Handling System

Plant Utilities Mapping

Molten Metal Handling/Trough Systems

In-line Metal Treatment Systems

Mechanical/HVAC Engineering

Industrial Ventilation

  • Space Airflow Design
  • Building Exhaust Systems
  • Fume Collection

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

  • Dx Package Systems
  • VAV Air Systems
  • Split Dx Systems/Gas Furnace
  • Central Chiller & Boiler Systems
  • Water Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Systems
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems


Domestic Water

Natural Gas Piping

Sewer (Sanitary & Storm)

Fire Protection

Piping Engineering

Process Piping

Utility & Equipment Piping

Site Utilities

Electrical Engineering

Power Distribution

Power & Short Circuit Analysis

Equipment Power & Control

Plant Site Power Distribution

Industrial/Commercial  Lighting Systems

Instrumentation Design

Automation Control Systems

Control Panel Design & Fabrication

Life Safety (Exit Lights, Smoke Detectors, etc.)

Electrical Service Entrance (New & Upgrades)

Data and Communication Systems

Security Systems

Civil / Structural Engineering

Framing Plans

Structural Design

Equipment Foundation Design (Steel & Concrete)

Steel Detailing

Pre-Engineered Building

Environmental Engineering

Air Pollution Control (System Design)

Noise Control Analysis & Design

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Project & Construction Services

Construction Management (All Disciplines)

Sub-Contracting Administration

Start-Up & Testing

Data / Communication Engineering

HVAC Design

Fire Protection

Electric Power Distribution


Radio Frequency Security